Ultimate School Girl Attack

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Ultimate School Girl Attack by Top TAP Games
You’re playing as a reckless schoolgirl. Escape the confines of your teacher’s boring lectures and rampage throughout the city! This is every schoolgirl’s dream! Cut class and ditch the homework. This is your very own personalized version of gym class. But remember: one thing the school didn’t teach you is how to flee from the cops, so be careful!
Make use of your new liberating environment by toppling down and demolishing everything in site! Girls just wanna have fun (and cause chaos!). Pick Career, Mega Kill and Free Mode. Kick and punch down vehicles like cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, and bikes. Attack bullies and aggressive animals who underestimate innocent girls. As a grand finale, strap on a jetpack and take off to destroy from the air!
Ultimate SchoolGirl Attack Features:
– Multiple action packed destruction & Killing missions
– Vibrant & addictive gameplay with thrilling challenges
– Realistic Schoolgirl Animations
– Fantasy 3D city area
– Multiple Textures of Girl to choose from
– Vibrant gameplay with thrilling challenges
– Realistic Sound & visuals Effects
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Ultimate School Girl Attack Free Download