UK Police Car Crime Driving

Fight city crime and help protect the city in fast cop car driving in one of the best police simulator game!

Explore the huge open world city environment in search of car crime, race to accidents helping people, escort ambulances, and much more to be the best city police officer. Answer the police radio to accept the call out and uphold your cop duty and serve justice to the city.

!! Explore huge new open world driving simulator, UK Police Car Crime Driving !!

Take to the city streets and drive real police cars. Drive police cars through the city or go offroad across the massive world filled with incredible locations like airports, dockyards, farms, and hidden Japanese temples. Miles of the open road to drive on and explore as an on-duty police officer.

As the newest police officer on the force, patrol the city and take on criminals in tough police vs robbers action. Arrest criminals and bad drivers committing crimes.
Complete all-new unique missions to rise through the police ranks and unlock faster, top of the line police cars.

!! Play for hours with UNLIMITED levels to play in UK Police Car Crime Driving !!
One of the best police car driving simulator games on the store!

Example of missions to increase your rank, and get the highest ranked badge :
– Chase and arrest dangerous drivers
– Drive fast police cars with no limit speed
– Arrest criminals in police vs robbers chase action
– Protect and escort important vehicles like S.W.A.T vans, ambulances, and V.I.P limos
– Race to the scene of the accident to help victims
– Call and respond to car crashes and accidents

Get behind the steering wheel of real police vehicles. Choose from a wide selection of real police cars to drive in to help catch criminals. Earn money by finding stopping crime and finding hidden collectibles to unlock new police cars to increase your police rank.

Explore the big open world filled with exciting vistas, buildings, houses, ports, airports, and loads more to see when driving.
Drive your police cop car cruise through busy city streets, filled with intuitive A.I. traffic, making your police driving experience one of the best car driving simulator games.

Adjust the graphics quality play without lag in options to enjoy gameplay with no issue.

Drive in style with fast police car interceptors, rise the ranks and unlock even better cop cars to uphold the law in the city. Help stop crime in the all-new, one of the best free police car driving simulator games on the marketplace!

With miles of road to drive on in a massive open world, experience for yourself the best car driving simulator game! Police crime fighting takes to the road in intense police vs robbers action. Realistic police car driving games have hit an all-time in the latest action-packed simulator game, UK Police Car Crime Driving!
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