Tommy Rampage Zombie City

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Tommy Rampage Zombie City by 5FPS
The same, once sunny Vice City, is now eternally covered in darkness! Once it was a bright city, populated by cheerful people, now its population is a mountain of corpses and living dead, in simple terms, zombies. I’m one of the survivors, my name is Tommy Versetti. I used to be a tough gangster in the mafia, making money on robberies, car thefts and drug sales, but that was before… Before that catastrophe at a closed military training ground…
Now my only task is to survive! Survive in this dead city, do not give up under the onslaught of a dead wave! And only then try to figure out why the world has become so and what is my place in it…
– Third-person shooter in the style of GTA
– An open big city
– Crowds of zombies
– Multiple weapons
– Several types of equipment (trucks, cars, motorcycles)
– Crazy action game for survival
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