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Tap Defenders Gameplay Android / iOS

Welcome to the ultimate idle One-Tap Tower Defense RPG with simple, easy taps on the screen!

It all began when monsters invaded humankind. An eternal defensive battle against the brutal monsters threatening the Heroes’ civilization rages on.

Immerse yourself in the Retro 8-bit fantasy-world of Knights and Heroes!

– Simple Control – Fend off endless waves of monsters with easy, simple taps
– Idle & Incremental – Experience the game progressing even when you’re not looking!
– 8-bit Style – a retro throwback to the good old days
– 25 Heroes with different attributes, strengths & weaknesses – Collect and build your ultimate team of Heroes for Tower Defense
– RPG – level-up, rank-up, build your own skill-trees, find the right items, and ascend your collection of Heroes beyond their limits
– Strengths & Weaknesses, Type-Effectiveness system between Heroes and Monsters – Uncover various Heroes’ strengths and weaknesses against different monsters to explore an unlimited number of strategies
– Various Dungeon Types – Advance through thousands of stages and dungeons to find the best way to upgrade your Hero collection
– Nonstop Tower Defense – game will automatically make progress even if when it’s not running! If you’re busy, simply come back later, check the progress and collect rewards to upgrade your Heroes!

Explore the simple, easy, and convenient idle Tower Defense RPG now!


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