Stickman Highschool Escape

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Stickman Highschool Escape by GENtertainment Studios
Do you fed up from your daily high school routine! Don’t worry! Get ready to make fun at your campus!
Stickman Highschool Escape is an amazing game which makes you feel amazing at your campus. Its different levels require you to complete different escape missions. You will enjoy it at hell.
In its classroom environment, you have to sneak past the teacher. Do phone pose and change the time of class to make the teacher leave the room. Climb using bricks without being detected.
Perform Different interesting activities with hidden objects. Use key to enter the Basketball court. Find the laptop and copy some sensitive data into the drive. Get teacher badge and enter the staff room by using it. Through Library access card go to library and enter decryption code to read the sensitive data. With 9 digit code, access the locker of principal’s office.
Let’s use your wits to escape from this creepy school!
Stickman Highschool Escape features:
• Challenging Missions!
• Smooth and Easy Controls!
• Fun Filled Game!
• Hints and Clues!
• High Quality 3D Graphics and Sound Effects!
• Amazing Animations with Advanced Features!
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