Stickman Fighter Mega Brawl

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Stickman Fighter Mega Brawl by PLAYTOUCH
STICKMAN FIGHTER MEGA BRAWL is the best stickman action game. Fight against other Stickmen, warriors and epic Stick Boss, and try to exterminate them all because there is no mercy for the Stickmen ! You can use tons of super skills, massive weapons, special technics, magic spells and other destructing moves to battle them and kill them.
STICKMAN FIGHTER MEGA BRAWL is a game of massive destruction. No one will get out of this game without being injured, or killed. Use kicks, punches, devastating weapons , mega fireballs, and lot of other moves…
The bad STICKMEN are coming from both side of the screen, and you must tap them at the right time to hurt them. Clean these thugs, finish the work and leave this place of desolation.
Exterminate them all, there is no mercy for the Stickmen !
Annihilation, obliteration, elimination, eradication, liquidation, killing, slaughter, massacre, extermination…, name it as you want, but you need to kill them all!
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