Steel Robot Tank Fight 2017

Steel Robot Tank Fight 2017 Download Game

Steel Robot Tank Fight 2017 by Awesome Action Games
Get ready to jump into the battle of robot tank. Enemies have attacked with a nefarious fleet of robot tanks. They have planned to invade your homeland. Now it’s your duty to combat and destroy their tanks. Your tank is ready for you to fight.
Take your tank out and start destroying enemies’ tanks. Control your tank by making strategic movements and save your tank from enemy’s fires. Aim your target carefully and blast them with fires and bombs. Clear the area before they defeat you. Focus on your energy. You have to destroy all the tanks to win the mission.
Transform your tank into robot whenever it is needed. Keep moving and eliminating all the robot tanks in the best possible way. Upgrade the different parts of your tank. You can unlock different variety of tanks with coins and gems.
Be brave and don’t be panic. Give them a message to stay away from your beloved homeland.
Steel Robot Tank Fight 2017 Features:
• Tank Upgrade System!
• High Quality 3D Graphics!
• Realistic Explosive Sounds!
• Smooth and Easy Controls!
• Amazing tank models!
• Lots of enemies’ tanks!
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