Smashy City Monster Battles

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Smashy City Monster Battles by Ace Viral
Build the biggest and scariest monster fighting team and take them on an adventure in epic battle tournaments!
ӿ Unlock and battle with Monsters (more added every month)
ӿ Learn each monsters strengths and skills to become super effective
ӿ Awesome Rampage cutscenes, Destroy everything in your path with a devastating attack
ӿ Battle in the cities in different locations.
ӿ Endless fighting mode
Hatch powerful beasts and learn how to use each skill to your advantage as you put your strategy together in these turn based fighter. Level up your monster to get stronger as you go around the globe fighting bigger and stronger species of monsters. You will need to use your strategy to ensure success through the tournaments to ensure victory.
If you want to see a hungry Shark clashing with a Unicorn or a rock Golem vs a Raptor then this is the game for you! Battle in the cities and build up and awesome Rampage to crush your enemies.
In this turn-based strategy fighting game you will need to build your monster team up to become the strongest and most powerful team on the planet.
Endless Gauntlet Arcade mode gives you a never ending line of monsters waiting to duel with you. How far can you get? Legend has it that nobody has beaten more than 10, can you prove the legend wrong?
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