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Scary Goat 2017 by Tap2Play, LLC
Scary goat on the loose to create chaos around the city! Let the craziest adventures begin!
You have to play as a scary goat and scamper in NY city environment! Scary goat on a missions to cause destruction and damage and take revenge from city peoples! Display your power as Scary Goat Simulator on city neighbors! The wild scary goat is looking for destruction! Run around the city and create Rampage.
Fly your goats with rockets and Attack vehicles and buildings on your way for ultimate destruction! Take control of different vehicles drive them like human’s! Participate in different activities and complete them on time to earn maximum points! Perform Exercise to increase your stamina and health for ultimate attack! Wreck and shatter the whole City with you powers being a super scary goat simulator!
Scary Goat 2017 Features:
• Amazing Goat Textures to choose from
• Flying Goat packed with Rockets for ultimate destruction
• Drive Tractor, Cars and heavy vehicles for ultimate destruction
• Play multiple sports game e.g Volleyball & football being a sports goat
• Fun sounds and visual effects for maximum thrill
• Amazing scary goat attack animations
• Smooth and easy controls to make the Goat run and attack
• Realistic 3D Graphics, including a beautiful 3D city environment
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