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Rugby Hard Runner by Tangram3D
Rugby: Hard Runner is a level-based game where the aim is to score a try without getting tackled and without having the ball taken from you.
Run, dodge, pass the ball at the right time, or even use an up-and-under kick to get through tough areas.
But above all, pay attention to the remaining time: the referee will not allow any errors!
The lower levels allow you to get used to the controls and decide on a strategy, while the pace gradually intensifies with more complex levels.
It’s always when you’re about to score a try that an opponent or an obstacle stops you, so concentrate and push forward!
Analyse the strengths and weaknesses of each opposing team to advance through the levels.
How high can you score?
Concentration, fast reflexes and precision will be needed to beat the different levels and become the best “hard runner” in rugby.
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