ROYAL LEAGUE Gameplay Android / iOS (MOBA) (ENGLISH)

ROYAL LEAGUE Gameplay Android / iOS (MOBA) (ENGLISH) Download Game

ROYAL LEAGUE Gameplay Android / iOS (MOBA) (ENGLISH)

Brand new style real-time battle – Royal League

Be the champion of the arena!
– Real-time battle mode of 1vs1, 2vs2 and 3vs3
– A combination of sophisticated skill controls and diverse strategies
– Simple and compact play style suited to mobile
– Experience stronger heroes and minions as they grow
– Experience the tension of the maximized the “Last Hit”

[Combat System]
Strategic battle with tension – Collect and grow a variety of hero suits and minions to create more strategies!

Take neutral towers or monsters with your minions.
Control the suit skills and collect the “Last Hit” points.
Transform into the soul to destroy the enemy core tower in 5 minutes!

[Growth System]
A chronicle of heroes growing with the player – Prove your strength and dominate the arena!

Level up and enchant to improve the basic abilities of your suit.
Individual upgrade and enchantment of weapons and runes.
Focus on building specific abilities to raise your own hero.

[Heroes And Suits]
Heroes consist of Warrior, Rogue and Mage classes.
There are counter classes, however it is possible to cope with the counter class heroes with appropriate growths, skill combinations and control abilities.
Class combination and strategic pincer movements have a big impact on the match.
Each suit has not only features given by class but also distinctive characters for combat style, skill and soul.

[Minion Strategies]
Minions are classified into melee, ranged, and spell types.
Optimize your strategy by combining different minions with your suits.
Level up your minion and set your minion deck before the match.

[Replay System]
All matches are recorded as game replays.
You can watch or share your replays with other users.


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Total Size : 226 MB

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