River City Ransom Kunio Returns

River City Ransom Kunio Returns Download Game

River City Ransom Kunio Returns by LUNOSOFT INC.
■ Game Intro
★River City Ransom★ Kunio returns as a Retro clicker RPG!
Power up Kunio and his friends to rise to the top!
■ Game Features
▶ The automatic battle system runs on its own!
– Even when the phone is switched off, Kunio and Riki fight tirelessly 24/7!
▶ Kunio is young again and returns to school!
– Becoming the top dog is a long and arduous journey. Upgrade various attributes through rebirths and continue to challenge!
▶ Dungeon schools!
– Defeat the top fighters of each school to obtain gear and make your Kunio even more powerful!
▶ Powerful skills!
– An array of action-packed skills are available, from summoning terrifying biker gangs to exploding cars!
▶ Endless battles!
– The world is vast and filled with schools. Experience over 1000 stages of battles set in various backgrounds from the original smash hit series, Kunio!
Download link – https://play.google.com/store/apps/de…

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River City Ransom Kunio Returns Free Download