RALLY RUN iOS for Free

Rally Run is a fast-paced, single-touch racing game you can play on the go, with engaging racing, nitro-boosting and drifting mechanics – you won’t have raced like this before!

COMPETE on over 100 tracks across several tiers of racing

COLLECT cars with different abilities and skills to match the racing challenges ahead

UPGRADE your cars to improve their performance and blow away the competition

Hone your racing skills, avoid obstacles, collect the right pickups and pull off precision drifts to reign supreme

Be ready, your Rally Run career is about to start!

On your marks! Our mechanics have been beavering away making many improvements to the racing:
* new start grid system
* new start sequence, requiring precise timing to get the best boost
* custom intro cameras for each environment
* more dynamic camera movements when boosting/drifting
* streamlined tutorials
* pickup grid polish
* several bug-fixes

iTunes link: https://itunes.apple.com/se/app/rally…

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