Puzzle Go – Merge Puzzle Game Collection

A Collection of
the best puzzle game
easy to learn and fun to master gameplay, soothing sounds and gorgeous visual effects

About Puzzle Go:
• A game collection of merge plus,crazy number,connect
• Easy to learn, fun to play.
• One Puzzle Go ,all fun puzzle games in hand!
• Keep new game updates
• All games for free

This is a remix of number merge, bubble shooting and match-3 games.
You will fall in love with this innovative puzzle game immediately.
•Tap the screen and shoot bricks.
•Two bricks share the same number will be merged.
•Players get bigger numbers.

This is a game of merging numbers.Merged numbers will disappear and bigger numbers appear. Let’s go and explore the game!
Before the starting, you get numbers and cards.Drag the cards to the checkerboard,then you will get the sum of the number and the card. Every set of 3(or>3)adjacent cards can be merged and change into bigger numbers and every time you merge 3 sets of numbers,you get one new card.

An interesting line-drawing game. Players need to match all the colors in one line. When all colors are done, players pass to the next level.
•Tap the screen & fill all the blocks
• tips: no line cross or overlaps

• Fun and innovative games only.
• Easy to learn, hard to master
• Playing games anytime without Internet
• Keep new game updates
• Play this game with your friends!
• Design with austere user interface.
Download Puzzle Go – Merge Puzzle Game Collection for free
Free download Puzzle Go – Merge Puzzle Game Collection : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.xdo.crazynumber