Police Bus

Become a policeman and drive police bus to transport criminal and prisoner between jail and labour camp.

In this Police Bus game, you are newly appointed in the police and have taken charged of a police bus driver. You are energetic, fresh and young so police department has decided to give you duty to transport criminal and prisoner. Drive the police bus to transfer the prisoners to high security prison cell. The prisoners might try to escape but make that they are heavily guarded. You have to be a great police bus driver who can control a heavy police bus in complicated city roads.

Be quick driver of police bus reach on the labour camp where they have to do labour. And all the prisoners need to reform through labour under close surveillance. Drive the police bus, follow the police officer instructions and fulfill your duty as a professional prisoners transporter bus driver.

In this police bus game, we provide you with 3 different modes. The first unlocked is career mode included 40 different missions. In this mode, your job is transport the prisoners between jail and labour camp. After each mission completed, you will be rewarded 0-3 stars. Three stars means blue ribbon awarded.

And the other two mode are Open World and Free Run. The gameplay in open world mode is completely different from the career mode. All the missions are not assigned one by one without interrupt, you don’t need to leave game because of mission complete. You can enjoy the police bus gameplay in the game all the time till you want to quit yourself.

The last mode is Free Run mode. When you are be bored of career mode and open world mode, it’s time to play Free Run mode in which you can drive wherever the roads take you without any mission pressure.

This police bus game will give you realistic police vans atmosphere with featuring animations in bus driving. So keep this job very simple as much as you can. You will take incredible fun during play this police bus game. It will be different experience from the other police bus prison transport as you are not working in the city bus and not working for the long routes. Come and quickly download this police bus game.

☀To escort criminals from the prison
☀Secure the police bus during driving;
☀Criminals are reforming through labour under close surveillance;
☀Escort prisoners back to prison after a day labour;
☀Transport the prisoners back to jail;
☀8 different police bus;
☀Realistic jail and labour camp environment
☀Realistic physics and gameplay;
☀Easy controls like tilt, buttons or steering wheel;
☀Detailed bus interiors;
☀Different camera views;
☀Smooth and realistic bus handling;
☀Detailed and realistic environment;
☀Fantastic 3D graphics;
☀Beautiful police bus models;
☀Abundant customizations, painting, rims, upgrades and vinyls;
☀40 different levels in career mode;
☀Open world mode;
☀Free run mode;
☀Casual game in game: Spin & Win
☀Digital Goods: currency packs, remove ads, infinite gas, limited-time offer first-time purchase rewards and outlets.

★NOTE: Police Bus is a free police bus prisoner transport game on Google Play and supported by Ad.
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