Pocket Dragons Gameplay Android / iOS

Pocket Dragons Gameplay Android / iOS Download Game

Pocket Dragons Gameplay Android / iOS

Dragon Village’s creators have created a captivating 50 MB game.
Pocket Dragons!
Enjoy it with people all around the world.

Auto-play & Gacha Pocket Dragons for You

▶Game Introduction◀
Dragon Village’s dragons are going to a charming pixel world!
Participate in exciting group battles with adorable dragons!
Enchant! Combine! Become the strongest!

▶Enchant and Combine System◀
Enchant! It’s the only way!
The Enchant level is the level of your skills!
Become even stronger by Combining!

▶100% Automatic Field Battles◀
An automatic field battle system based on Dragon Village’s world and lore!
Forest of Hope, Fire Mountain, Shipwreck, Wind Temple, Sky Temple
Also, a new region called Cavern Ruins has opened!

10:10 Real-time Colosseum◀
Prove that your dragons are the strongest! Now you can fight in a real-time PVP Colosseum!
Pick the right Charms and Dragons to fight in 10:10 battles!

▶Capturing and Taming◀
Get a Dragon from the start!
It’s a chance to acquire a Dragon, rather than an Egg!
Would you like to Tame, or Capture?


App Store: Coming soon
Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/de…

Total Size : 79 MB

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