Pacific Rim Breach Wars

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Pacific Rim Breach Wars by Kung Fu Factory
Epic Puzzle Action RPG for PACIFIC RIM fans!
As Marshal, command your own Shatterdome and defend your nation from Kaiju invasions and rogue Jaegers.
★ RECRUIT iconic Jaegers from the entire PPDC to join your Strike Groups stationed at your Shatterdome.
★ UPGRADE Jaegers with new tech and weaponry to enhance their damage on the battlefield.
★ EXTERMINATE enormous Kaiju hell-bent on destroying Earth in fast-paced battles that can be completed in minutes.
★ COMPETE with other players in PvP Tournaments to win rewards for your Shatterdome and Jaeger Strike Groups.
★ JOIN FORCES with other Marshals to form Factions and compete in War Games for prizes.
NOTE: A network connection is required to play.
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