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Mafia Heroes by Nation Games 3D
Mafia Heroes is an undercover secret agent game. It’s a super hero challenge to work on an assignment in a new city undercover without telling other mafia’s members. Your city mafia gangs are in danger. The city police authorities are taking help from a secret agency to take down the entire city mafia. Be brave enough to take vigorous action against police cops and the secret agency members. Mafia people, thieves and rivals are crying for help to continue their criminal activities and stealing from innocent people. An ultimate action game!
Your secret mission involves using different combos of fighting with various weapons, undercover attacks and sneaking inside the territory in a stealth mode. Ruin your enemies’ missions before they even try to shoot you or kill you. This battle is between you and your rivals. Enter the most realistic world of battle and win the war. Fight like a daredevil commando to save the mafia land from police invasions. The death can’t even stop you from fulfilling your mission. Become bold and courageous city hero for the entire mafia gang. Only you can take the risk as an undercover mafia agent to kill the 3 leads as a combat hero. Let the underworld rule the streets once again. Enjoy this fun addictive game like a true fighter legend mafia underworld boss! Play Mafia Heroes for an extreme crime simulator action adventure!
Mafia Heroes features:
√ An undercover mafia hero vs a secret agency agent battle
√ Smooth, addictive and easy game play
√ Challenging missions in a 3D city environment with gangsters, thugs, secret agents, police and innocent people
√ Realistic animations of shooting and fighting
√ Smooth and easy controls of the mafia super hero
√ Different weapons to win your battle
√ Action packed levels
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