Knight Of God Android Gameplay

Knight Of God Android Gameplay Download Game

Knight Of God Android Gameplay

【Game overview】

Genre: TCG + Cliker + Leftover Type

Collection of TCG card combinations
Cliker’s striking sensation
Convenient convenience

【Play tricks】

▶ Combination
Each knight has a combination that gives synergy to each other. The synergy increases the knight

more than twice.
Combination of firearms = An article with an active skill that causes a burnout condition
Combinations of articles with additional damage passives in a burn state attack
Water notarization combination, crea combination, ice extraction combination and so on!

▶ knight Upgrade
Upgrade your core knight through upgrade seats that can be acquired through monster hunting!
+ 1Upgrade per stat increase by 10%

▶ knight Gradeup
+ 5Upgrade
GradeUp EXP MAX!
If both conditions are met, hunt boss monsters and get five-star knight to GradeUp knight with

available GradeUp stones!

▶ Expedition Raid
‘Soul’ that can only be acquired through reincarnation
Extra power can be extracted with monsters that can be obtained through Expedition Raid!


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Total Size : 124 MB

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