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Kitty Cat Simulator by Bit of Game
Kitty Cat Simulator is a fun and cute first person – or rather, first cat – video game. The goal is to smash, damage, and destroy everything in the building or garden and earn points. Get ready for a real crazy cat adventure and cause as much destruction as you like with your favorite cat, and three different game play modes!
★ Free to play
★ Play as a cute cat
★ Explore the garden, school and several other buildings in an open world play ground
★ Realistic high quality graphics
★ Interaction with tons of objects in the game
★ Rack up points by knocking over various objects
★ Ride a skateboard
★ Easy controls and smooth performance
★ Cat store to unlock different cats and hats for your cat
★ Three gameplay modes
There are different cats and accessories to choose from. Pick your favorite cat breed and dress up your cute grey kitten, or black cat with a hat that suits your kitty purrfectly.
FREE ROAM: Run around freely and learn the basics of the game
SURVIVAL: Select the amount of puppies in the game and avoid them
TIME MODE: Move and damage as many objects as you can in a certain amount of time
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