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King’s March by 37GAMES
King’s March is a RTS mobile war game of medieval fantasy where every kingdom is looking to control the great treasures and fertile land of the fallen empire. Each kingdom has crumbled into chaos where even their kings are losing the leadership and once iron control of their lands.
As a warlord in this era of turmoil, you own a fortress of upgradable buildings and defenses. You must now build your own army, recruit legendary generals, and forge great weapons to battle with rival empires. Fight! Use cunning strategy to defeat the other kings and build your own empire through blood, fire, and fear!
– Recruit legendary generals with different unique combat skills.
– Forge great weapons, upgrade them to amplify generals’ stats.
– Besiege your rival empires and occupy their towns.
– Enjoy daily Empire Quests, fighting with members from different empires and defeating your enemies.
– Claim your spoils of battle after each Empire War.
– Fight for your honor in countless battles with players from all over the world.
– Build and upgrade your fortress into an empire that spans across multiple lands.
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