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InterPlanet Gameplay Android / iOS

Commander! Lead your fleet through the galactic battlefield!

The advanced technology of Anxo or the flourishing humanity?
Choose between two races and build your ECO amidst the beautiful galaxy.
Resources are crucial in barren outer space.
Strategically allocate the base to defend your resources against invaders.
No base is invincible! Find enemy weak points and attack.
Strategically manage your fleet to conquer the enemies and reap the loot!



1. Choose your race between the advanced civilization of Anxo, or the flourishing humanity.

2. Explore and conquer new planets rich in resources.

3. Mix & match powerful mines, cannons, and structures to defend your base against invaders.

4. Strategically calculate the optimum time and place to deploy your fleet.

5. Recruit and assign captains to build the ultimate fleet.


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