Horse Racing League 2017

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Horse Racing League 2017 by Tapinator, Inc.
GIDDY UP! For super awesome horse racing league.
Enjoy an exciting horse ride in amazing environment. Exciting and challenging mission will take you in a fantasy environment. You can choose your favorite type of horse and character. Different type of hurdles have been placed in your way. Use your jumping skills to cross them. In some levels your opponents are more than one. They will try to overcome you. You must prove yourself to be a winner in this race.
In first episode you have to capture maximum flags to win. Follow the directions to reach the flag. Keep moving and jumping all the obstacles. You must knock your opponents off to win the race. Next episode is about the racing. You must compete opponents to win race by focusing on your speed too. Third episode is about jumping. You must jump the hurdles to win. Try to avoid the water it will reduce your speed.
It is an exciting game especially for horse racing lovers. Keep controlling your horse and crossing all the hurdles. Focus on your speed. Its astonishing features, 3D graphics and amazing sounds will make it an addictive gameplay. It will give you an amazing horse racing experience. Run your horse on racing tracks for several yards.
Let’s have an amazing try!!
Horse Racing League 2017 Features:
• Realistic 3D Horse Racing adventures
• Different modes; Quest Mode, Racing Mode & Jumping show
• Exciting Races And Challenges
• Smooth Touch And Tilt Control To Maneuver Your Horse Easily
• Awesome 3D Graphics And 3D Sound Effects
• Beautiful 3D Animated Horses
• Different Weather Conditions
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