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Helicopter RC Flying Simulator by Game Pickle
Take flight in amazing remote-controlled helicopters in a huge office workplace environment ready to explore, filled with tons of areas to play exciting new helicopter missions, copter flying stunts, and more to fly around in!
Choose from a wide selection of helicopters to fly in. Fly in a military copter (like Apache or Mi-8), civil helicopter (like Bell, Hughes, Ecureuil), transport choppers, and more.
Take control of the flight-stick of a Firefighter helicopter to transport water and extinguish raging fires.
Use the “Skylift” helicopter to move objects with an electromagnet.
Or fly in the “Apache” helicopter to fire rockets and fight enemy army tanks.
Get right into the action of each of the 24 unique levels, complete each mission and try to get a 3-star ranking on each of the levels. Put your helicopter flying skills to the test and prove your the best rc helicopter pilot in the office.
Example of missions :
– Winching up: use your copter to rescue people
– Fire hazard: get some water and extinguish the fire.
– Rubbish Collect : grab the trash with your electromagnet and re-cycle
– Locate stolen r.c. racing cars hidden around the office
– Try to keep up with helicopter and other r.c. racing cars during chases
– Go through all the checkpoints as fast as possible
– Lift heavy office equipment
– Fire rockets to blow up enemy army tanks
And more!
Features :
– Big open office workplace environment to fly around in!
– Realistic flying simulation
– Realistic flight physics
– High quality chopper
– Dynamic camera angles
– Easy to play flight controls, use touch and tilt controls!
Download link – https://play.google.com/store/apps/de…

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