Game of Mafia : Be the Godfather

Fighting against all players around the world in global server for the dominator of underworld – the Godfather! Game of Mafia is a gang-themed simulation and strategy mobile game. In this game, you will play as an agent who was framed by your friend. Determined to take revenge, you’ll seek for the truth, recruit your followers, expand your territory, and finally become the dominator of the underworld-The Godfather! This game contains various exciting systems, including assistant, lover, heir, boxing gym, gang alliance and diplomacy systems. Download NOW “Game of Mafia : Be the Godfather”

Best Escape Games 193 Naughty Rat Rescue Game

A naught rat was a very beautiful way to see it. The naught rat was a very intimidating pace. It is a dry in the palace that is a very unseen. It is your duty to save the places where the naught rat is where the pork is safe. The naught rat is to help you find out where you are from the plant. The gang and the puzzles are all you can seek to be hidden from the naught rat and this giggle is very desirable. This game is very desirable to get the peace of mind. Good luck and have a fun ! Download NOW “Best Escape Games 193 Naughty Rat Rescue Game”