Virtual Happy Family: Billionaire Family 2019

Meet the richest family of Dubai have fun and enjoy the family adventure with Dubai cars like in all arab games. Meet the virtual dad Abdul Aziz the virtual Princess wife Rabia and the Virtual son Amjad. This family is the most richest and billionaire family of Dubai many adventure things you will experience in this game like drift girls, crazy drifting, and the ride dual car on Dubai cars the pet lion animal the expensive shopping and the luxury lifestyle of the Dubai richest family. Be a part of this virtual happy family game and be like this super family man like all billionaire games. Download NOW “Virtual Happy Family: Billionaire Family 2019”

Dinosaur City Battle 2019

In Dinosaur City battle 2019 play as a world lost animal dinosaur.. Get ready to fight with different jungle animals and take them down in the battlegrounds with your gun powers. You have multiple ferocious targets for the counter-attack. Use your paws to reach the target and use all the firepower’s to engage target within time limits. Watch and observe your big buck target carefully and take the big game hunter shoot before animal ready to fire. You will be offered a limited time with limited dinosaurs’ stamina to finish mask enemy in each and every hunting and surviving mission so make sure to finish each and every surviving mission before you run out of shooting time. Download NOW “Dinosaur City Battle 2019”