Football Strike Simulation 3D

Do you like to play football games? Do you want to be a football star? Then this game is for you! Play an exciting and free game simulator football!
Thanks to a simple and exciting process, the game is easy to play. Score a goal with a finger movement! Enter the sports spirit and become a real football player!
Bright and colorful pictures, simple game mechanics, excellent 3D graphics!
Score the maximum number of goals in the goal, punch a penalty and hit the target!
Football ball and first-class skills are proficient in running!
Put the ball on the turf and get ready to score for your team. If you are a fan of football, this is the moment you are preparing for the 2019 league. Become an incredible goal for professional players to score. In the duel vs. goalkeeper’s duel, he scored a penalty. Each new level is a challenge to show your skills to the coach. This is the best foul and penalty game, you will completely control the ball from the shot.
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