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Fishing Simulator Hook & Catch by Genera Games
Hey fisherman! Set up your hooks and reeds and prepare yourself for the best fishing game. Upgrade and customize your fishing gear and unlock all locations to catch all the species available. Fill your box with baits, hooks and lures, prepare your rods and reels and get on the boat ready to become the best angler of the world!
Fishing Simulator is the newest challenge for the armchair angler. Dive into the depths of lakes, rivers, and oceans and discover the most intense, dynamic, and realistic underwater 3D fishing action! What kind of bait are you going to use? Try different lures and hunt the big fish! White Perch, Coho Salmon, Rock Bass, Rainbow Trout… Tons of species that you can catch and collect!
Upgrade your gear and use the latest technology to locate the biggest fish in each lake or sea! Follow our fishing tips and use the GPS to find the best zones to do wild catch! Fish and hunt at the best possible times with solunar table, and based on it, also show forecast for the best fishing zones. Flying fish, Big Bass, Swordfish, Barracuda, Trout… Even beginners can easily find a prey by using a sonar!
Discover realistic 3D locations where you can relax and enjoy while fishing. Real lakes and seas over the world! Travel through the Great Lakes of USA (Superior, Huron, Ontario…) and the Amazon River (Titicaca, Apurimac and Solimões) to complete the Fish Collection. Fish with the sun of the morning or fish in the dark of the night, using a rod & hook or lure & net, each type of fish has its customs and you have to predict their movements.
– REALISTIC GRAPHICS of beautiful 3D scenarios, above and below water, and lively fish!
– UNDERWATER ACTION excitement as you cast, lure, and reel in your catch!
– SET UP YOUR RIGS wisely to match the environment and the target species!
– EXPLORE fishing locations around the world, new maps and fishing grounds will be added in game updates!
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