Dinosaur Safari Hunt

Dinosaur Safari Hunt Download Game

Dinosaur Safari Hunt by Integer Productions
Experience the real Jurassic world!! Explore the animal planet and hunt down the giant dinosaurs.
Hold you gun ready to shoot down the dino before they attack on you. Target and hunt the dinosaurs till the end. Go into the world of dinosaurs and take up the new challenge of hunting the league of dinosaurs on your way.
Make your ears sharp and eyes open in the forest else you are dead!! Don’t miss the chance to kill the ferocious wild animal different from all other animals like lion, tiger, elephant, and leopard.
Feel the real 3D graphics and lively animations in the game.
Complete all the exciting and thrilling levels of the game and become the real hero of Dinosaur safari hunt game!
Game features:
• Different dinosaurs to shoot.
• NEW Realistic physics to feel the shooting game.
• Real 3D environment and forest experience
• Excellent roaring sound.
• Explore different worlds & new hunter missions.
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