Deadly Sniper Shooting Game

Great gaming experience
The sophisticated character model, convenient aiming shooting operation, allows you to lock the target more quickly when performing sniper missions! The new engine production, high-definition 3D scene will bring you a great shooting game experience!

Diverse game modes
With a rich mission system, a variety of game modes let you never get bored! The main line mission will help you grow into a qualified sniper, overnight missions and daily missions will bring you a lot of bounty, and the special special action will help you unlock up to 15+ new battle zones! Help the police, the army, they need your strength!

Luxury weapon system
Contains a luxurious weapon system, sniper rifle, submachine gun, shotgun, pistol, more than 70+ weapons are at your disposal! Pick the most suitable weapon for different combat missions! It provides a series of enhancements for the muzzle, ammunition, gun body, grip, sight, and magazine of the weapon. Come and build the most powerful weapon!
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