Dark Story Gameplay Android / iOS (Open World MMORPG)

Dark Story Gameplay Android / iOS (Open World MMORPG) Download Game

Dark Story Gameplay Android / iOS (Open World MMORPG)

Dark Story is an action fantasy mobile game, with a 3D MMORPG martial art and kungfu story. Dark Story began with a story of a legendary evil wizard who jealous to great master of martial art. So he cursed all the martial art and kungfu world into crazy and chaos fantasy world and awakening all ghosts and devils to make a disaster and chaos. All masters and heroes are invited to train a great kungfu skill, explore the beautiful fantasy world and mysterious dungeon, and form an alliance to defeat legendaryevil wizard.

Features :
[ FREE PK, blood will have blood ]
All masters will clash and battle with another hero in beautiful fantasy world, and getting stronger is one of the optionsto survive in a FREE PK world. Let’s get stronger and counter each PK.

[ Various Class of heroes ]
All heroes and masters may choose any of the class such as: Sword, Blade, Lancer and Archer. Train together with other kungfu masters to become the champion and legendary.

[ Titan Transformation ]
Transform and awakening to a great and powerful Titan, to make heroes stronger. Transformation of Titan will depend to hero’s class.

[ Fashion and Glamour Costume ]
Collect all beautiful and gorgeous costume, not of for heroes but also for weapons. Amazing, isn’t it? There more your collection, the more powerful your heroes.

[ Wedding, find your love here ]
Boring to be alone? Find your love and get bond in wedding system. Train and battle in special dungeon with your lover. Share your precious gift with your couple to increase your relationship.

[ A lot of fun with the event and quests ]
Join many events and quests around fantasy world and dungeon. Defeat all special dungeon events and get a lot reward, to make your heroes stronger.

[ Never ending of fierce war ]
One of the most excited features in Dark Story is fierce and thrilling War of God and Demon. Players will be separated in to 2 groups which are representing God and Demon. Kill all of your enemies and destroy enemy’s statues to win the battle.


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Total Size : 547 MB

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