CosmicBreak Adventures Android Gameplay

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CosmicBreak Adventures Android Gameplay

“CosmicBreak Adventures” is a strategic RPG game in real time taking place in a peaceful planet where something strange happened.
Lead your squadron to a cosmic adventure through the depths of the Universe.
On top of a deep and interesting story, enjoy the thrill of combat where you need to place your Unit members on the grid in order to drive away enemies coming in real time.

*Fight your way through the Universe and find out what’s behind the mysterious stone in Solo mode!
*Fight against rival Units in PvP battles!
*A story magnified by famous Japanese voice actors’ vivid performance!
*Yukari Tamura as Crimrose and Tomokazu Sugita as Zero Fighter will guide you through this epic cosmic story with their outstanding voice acting!
*Drag your cards to the best location on the grid in order to destroy the enemy!
*Increase the recovery speed and the maximum amount of Energy available with the coins earned ingame!
*Trigger the Cosmoloid skills at the right timing and sweep enemies away!
*Choose between attacking skills, defensive skills or supportive skills when creating you Unit!
*Choose between Front line, Middle Field or Rear Cosmoloids and create a well-balanced Unit that can beat any type of enemy!
*Place your cards at the right timing and on the right locations of the grid to enhance your Cosmoloids during battles!
*Use items during a battle and take advantage over the enemy!
*Get you hands on new Cosmoloids added to the game through periodical updates!


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Total Size : 103 Mb

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