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Castle Creeps Duels by Outplay Entertainment Ltd
Choose your Champion, build your deck and join the fight as you clash with opponents in Castle Creeps Duels, the PvP arena experience you’ve been waiting for.
Download for free today and let the games begin…
Castle Creeps Duels is a PvP action game that lets you battle cunning foes in real time! Assemble a winning deck and select your Champion from a range of heroes to enhance your strategy…and handle the pressures of the arena. Each Champion comes with their own extraordinary realms, unique castles and exclusive ability – so choose carefully!
In combat, deal wisely to channel special abilities and spells, destroying the opponent’s Towers and dismantling their strategies at every turn. The more you win the more you earn – vital for leveling your deck and boosting your ranking!
Whether you hedge your bets or risk everything in a high-stakes battle, enter the arena and unleash your deck to deploy expert strategies!
Victory is within your reach…
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