Call of Craft: Blocky Tanks Battlefield

Call of Craft: Blocky Tanks Battlefield Download Game

Call of Craft Blocky Tanks Battlefield by Fat Lion Games
Welcome to the world of the tanks and awesome guns! Build a base, craft equipment and attack the city in a constant war between the East and the West! Best shooting games of 2017! Crafting and building… and tanks! Call of Craft: Blocky Warfare!
Choose your side – either fight as the valiant forces of the West, or the deadly local armies of the East! This will affect your starting base and the equipment you’ll be able to use to win these army war games.
Mount tanks and lead armored assaults against the enemy forces in the best offline fps on mobile! Action games can’t get any better when you can use heavy tanks to overcome the enemy positions. Just be prepared for the moment when they counter the strike – your opponents can crush you with their armored units, too!
Find and use epic helicopters to quickly traverse the battlefield in military plane flying mode. No iron tank will stand against death from above! Storm the enemy base and wage war with your pixel guns. Up your soldier game by moving quickly behind the enemy front! You can even try crafting an outpost or building a base there.
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