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BattleGround Z by Elex
BattleGround Z is an zombie world battle royale survival game where your objective is to survive and defeat your enemies.
Starting with nothing, players must fight to locate weapons and supplies in a battle to be the lone survivor.
Attention!Your horizon is limited by fog of mistery and you are against a greate quantity zombies.
Alert!Your safe zone is diminishing by time in 10 minutes.You are racing against poison gas spreading.
Pick up your parachute,wield your wisdom and tactics, and come embark on an exciting life & death battle.
【Game Feature】
Sneak or Fight!
-Absolute fair play in a foggy map.
Pick and Use!
-Variety of weapons,accessories and superpowers
Hide and Survive
-Fight your way through contaminated hordes
Improve your skills
-2 game modes: General and Elite
Customized clothes
-Collet diffrent clothes to change your costume
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