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Battle Game Royale by SZ Interactive
Welcome to battleroyale mode Battle Game!
Can you survive as a last man standing on the battleground?
If you are a real survivor, proove yourself!
Battle game is waiting for a next champion. In this game you will have High quality graphics, really well optimizated controll mechanics, big battleground map, cars, different type of weapons, items, skins and many more awesome contents.
You have to follow safe circle points, try to hide from your enemies, cover yourself from unknown bullets and be a last man standing for win.
Every step is important for surviving. You need to jump from a heli on a good spot and find a good looting areas for became stronger. You need to be quiet and hunt your enemies with suprise attacks. Remember other players are not the only enemy on battleground. You also keep check for safe zone.
You always have to make a right decision for survive!
If you are ready, if you can beat all the enemies, if you can survive as a last man, if you can prove yourself on battleground just download the battle game.
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