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Battle Alert 3 Update
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1. Monthly Card and weekly card, assisting Commanders to grow fast
2. New queue function for VIP
3. New online prizes, just click the chest to check it out
4. New formation setting feature, commanders can set the Marching Troops formation in advance

1. UI update for improving user experience
2. Encounter Battle combat animation
3. Bug fixed

Battle Alert 3 is a real-time strategy game with modern military background that innovatively creates the dual-core combat mode: Encounter Battle – real-time action combat, World War Battle – attack or defend on world map. You will be acting as the Base Commander and Supreme Commander at the same time, building your Base, training military troops, and control the unique Special Forces to fight enemies on the battlefield!

– Universe MMO
Join and fight with millions players from around the world

– Dual-core Combat
Encounter Battle – real-time action combat, lead your elite special troops to defeat opponent on battlefield;
World War Battle – classic strategy combat, command Infantry, Tanks, Battle Vehicle and Air Forces to blitz enemies with your unique Special Forces

– Build Base
Build your military Base, upgrade Science, train your troops, and manufacture war machines

– Global Legion Rally
Create global alliances and clash with rival ones, lead the Legion to victory!

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